Monday, December 17, 2012

Pampa's Brazillian Steakhouse

I went here today after my Surgery rotation to celebrate the start of the holiday season. We arrived to a packed restaurant but luckily they had a table for two and we were promptly seated. Our server expained to us how Pampa's works as a rodizio (people come table side and carve you meat off of a skewer) and how we had buttons to declare if we wanted meat or wished to take a break. We ordered water and were told how it was "premium filtered" and would cost $2 a person. Surprisingly it did taste better than normal water... though I'm probably just crazy.

The meal included an unlimited salad bar which featured dozens of breads, salads, cold cut meats, and fruits. I can't remeber every item but some highlights included a lemon fish, grape fusilli salad, mango carpacio, pineapple and salami pairing, and a tasty potato salad. There were also some misses including tasteless meat stuffed bread, dry foccacia, and a bitter eggplant sausage combination. Once sat to my delight we were promptly served.

Since we went for lunch there were only five cuts of meat (at dinner there are 10). Chicken drumsticks was first up and they were absolutely delicious: seasoned and cooked perfectly; juicy and the skin was crispy. I ended up having four of those in total. Next up was a pork sausage which though a bit salty was still surprisingly good. The parasean cursted pork tenderloin was a mixed bag. My first piece was delicious; but, the second was very fatty and almost leathery in texture. The beef skewers were overcooked and dried and altogether forgettable. Lastly, the top sirloin steak though it was fun to peel off the meat as they shaved it from the skewer was relatively average in seasoning.

I didn't plan on blogging so I don't have too much in terms of pictures. This was supposed to be a nice relaxing day with my good friend Marina so here she is enjoying the meal.

In summary, Pampa's Brazillian Steakhouse was a unique expereince. All of the staff were extremely friendly, and the rodizio is a cool experience. Unfortunately the point of rodizio is the meat and the meat was just average here. Lunch was $60 for two after tax and tip and would likely be double that price for dinner. I would recommend coming here to experience it but I doubt I will be back. Verdict 70/100.

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