Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Dish Bistro

I came to this restaurant with my two friends Eric (KFC coupon guy) and Robyn. We were prompted sat, told the drink specials, and given some ice water. The restaurant itself looked pretty ordinary just some generic tables and chairs nothing that stood out. I ordered the crab cakes, Eric the Octoberfest plate and Robyn had the sticky lime chicken. I'll talk about my crab cakes first:

The crab cakes were delicious; baked to perfection: crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. I wish they were a little more generous with the mango coulis sauce on top. It is unfortunate that they failed to really compliment the crab cakes with the sides or maybe they were just lazy. I was served a plain bed of rice and a skimpy portion of steamed vegetables. If this dish was a bit more refined it would have really been great, what a shame. I tried some of Eric's plate which consisted of two Bratwurst sausages, potato salad, spätzle, sauerkraut, and rock salt mustard.

To be honest I didn't care for the dish much. Though Robyn said she "loved" the sausage. It tasted like a salty sausage to me. The potato salad and spätzle were bland though Eric did mention the bacon on the spätzle saved it. Tasted very home made to me and when I go out to eat that is not what I want. I only had a small bite of Robyn's chicken which was had a unique delicious flavor. My gripe here again is the sides were not very well thought out; some plain mashed potato and steamed veggies. Lastly don't be fooled by the angle of the photo,  the chicken was quite a small portion for a $20 dish and served bone in.

Robyn and Eric wanted to be a part of the review so I recored some comments which can be found here. Robyn's rating was 76 and Eric's was 70. For me at about $15-20 an entree I didn't really expect much more in terms of finesse. Considering price and value it is an above average place with some potential. Verdict: 75/100

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