Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lux Steakhouse and Bar

I came to Lux after a long day of work and my friend had warned me that they are an overrated place but that the double pork chop (since they will cook it at a temperature other than well-done) and burger were pretty good. We got there at around 5:30PM and it was a relatively empty restaurant but it still took us about 10 minutes to get seated (not impressed). The restaurant inside was quite nice with a nice fountain and ambiance. Anyways they claim to use only Heritage beef from some organic free range farm from Northern Alberta or something. I ended up going with the burger and fries.

The burger came out relatively quick and looked quite impressive and the fries were served in a cute little shopping cart with chipotle mayo:

 It was indeed an impressive looking burger that boasted a heritage beef patty, breaded portabello mushrooms, stella artois battered onion ring, and the regular fixings (tomato, lettuce, mayo, and pickles). The burger was stuffed so high it was hard to take the first bite and eat. The patty was nice and juicy. Disappointment -  is the only way I can describe my first bite. It tasted overly peppery and pretty bland. There were a few highlights the onion ring was delicious (though I'm pretty biased as I love onion rings) and the breaded portabello was unique and seasoned well (I ended up taking them out of the burger and eating them separately). The fries were average though the mayo was tasty.

At a hefty price tag of $25 this burger is NOT worth it. Though there are a few promising things about but without the meat itself tasting delicious disappointing. Verdict: 62/100

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