Sunday, August 26, 2012

9 Course Meal at Kaylee's House

I went to my friend's house for a surprise birthday party and we were surprised with 9 delicious courses of food! My friend is only 23 and WOW so domesticated cooking as if she were middle aged woman. All the food was made fresh that day so she slaved away since like noon (and she even made cute little labels). I took pictures after the guests already went at the food because I wasn't sure if I was gonna write about this so it might look a little scarce but originally they were big platters full! I'm going to start randomly!

The quiche was tasty! The pastry was nice and flakey and there was big chunks of diced ham! The boccacini (baby motzarella?) and tomato reminded me of my trip to Italy and of  Caprese salad! I don't even usually like cheese but this was mild and delicious!

The potato gratin was clearly a popular choice too! The top was slightly burnt but the inside was nicely cooked. They tend to come out undercooked and hard. There was a nice garlicy creamy sauce too!

The crab and cream cheese pastry was just ok. I'm not a big fan of cream cheese so thats probably what is biasing me but the pastry was flakey and there was big crab pieces (only one left good thing I rushed over to snap this photo).

As a viet person I am always hard to impress when it comes to salad rolls (my mom makes a mean salad roll) but this was no exception. However, the sauce was unique and had a different flavor too it that I'm used to. I snatched up two before they were all gobbled up!

Italian sausage and baked pasta sounds pretty ordinary and it was haha (everything can't be positive!) There was a nice spice to it and the pasta was cooked al dente as I prefer it.

The chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas were pretty good too! It was nice that they had peanuts or coconut on them as well!

The tiramisu looked appetizing and had a nice consistency to it (not too thick and not too runny). Unfortunately my first bite was a mouthful of rum flavor but I did have an edge piece. The rest of the dessert was decent but again nothing too special here!

Last but not least was the cake: banana nut with cream cheese frosting! Again not a big fan personally of cream cheese but the cake was moist and bananay and nutty and it kind of reminded me of banana bread actually.

The food was good and I'm still so surprised that she cooked it all! She was an excellent host and there was also a vegetable platter I didn't mention and like 10 types of juice and pop to drink! She also has an adorable little Bijon named Sky (but don't stick out your leg...) to keep you company. Verdict: I'd come back.

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