Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hundred Bar and Kitchen

I had heard many mixed reviews about Hundred but I had purchased a groupon and finally decided to go try it out. The atmostphere they claim to have is a "seductive nightlife" and I guess dim lighting (so dim the couple beside us asked for our table candle so they could read their menus!!) and dressed up staff in all black reflect this. We were promptly sat and unfortunately the specials were not described to us (apparently they have $7 slider appetizers and flat breads on Thursday). Anyways I decided to order the salmon and my friend Marina went for the steak.

The food was a bit slow to come out and there was another event (Haute Fashion or something) and so they quieting down the restaurant and used a screechy microphone and no one had any idea what was going on which was pretty annoying. When the food did come out, I was pleasantly surprised. My salmon was cooked nicely and the bacon hollandiase sauce added a nice flavor. Both Marina and I agreed that the pea rissoto and argula pesto was absolutely delicious. Her steak was seasoned and cooked to the proper temperature from the bite that I had though it seemed pretty standard served with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes.

After hearing so many horror stories about this place, I must say it really wasn't bad at all. There were some annoyances mentioned earlier and the food is pretty pricy ($25-40 an entree) and maybe I was biased by good company and a groupon but at the very least I liked the food here. Verdict: 77/100.

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